D3 first project

I recently got exposed to d3.js

This is an amazing tool to visualize big data.

Because I have worked with biomedical data, I know how important to analyze the data.

Biomedical data is especially difficult to deal with since the size is massive, normally noise is introduced (especially for the data that were collected through micro size sensors), difficult to find patterns or meaningful conclusion, etc.

Even though I am not a computer scientist, I have studied few areas by myself and I became very interested in computer science.

I always wanted to know how all areas of studies are connected.

When I was little, I thought biology, history, art, chemistry, sociology, and other things happen separately in their own world.

However, one day I realized that everything is connected!!!

If I knew this secret, then I would have found clues to solve mysteries in our world.

I have always wanted to draw a map to draw all areas of studies.

I believe that d3 might help me find connections and interconnections among all the knowledge in the world.

Maybe it would not be possible because I might not be able to handle the data.

It will be interesting to see how all topics are related to other fields as well.