What you need

You need to prepare some parts

  • Raspberry Pi – I am using Raspberry 2
  • Leap Motion Controller
  • 5V Power Supply – I bought a 5V charger and connected to the board
  • I2C Enabled PWM Driver – I used Adafruit one.
  • 4 x Micro Servos – you can use 2 micro servos. 2 micro servos are needed to make one robotic arm..
  • 4 x Micro Servo Mounts – if you use 2 micro servos, you need 2
  • Jump wires
  • PubNub – Data Streaming Service. Free Sandbox mode for developers!
  • Java SE – JDK 8 – Be sure to get the correct version for your operating system
  • Leap Motion Visualizer and Java SDK – Again Be sure to get the correct package for your operating system
  • PubNub Java SE SDK – This needs to go into the project libs directory
  • Java IDE – Use your favorite, such as JGrasp, NetBeans, IntelliJ, or Eclipse
  • Project Source Code Repository – Hosted on GitHub

Raspberry Pi Setup