About Auti Bot

I did not know a lot about autism and autistic children until I worked with them. I volunteered with autistic kids in an athletic program, and I learned a lot about autism.

Individual autistic children are very unique and have different abilities physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is difficult to apply general therapeutic methods to them.

It is even more difficult to train them to control fine motor skills such as drawing, writing, crafting, etc.

When I read a few articles about autistic children’s mimicking tendencies, I got an idea to develop a system for autistic children to write better.

I designed a system with an IR sensor (leap motion), and a raspberry pi with 2 motors, which will be a robotic system. These two units are going to be connected through the Internet.

Here are two examples:

1) When kids are learning how to write letter “A,” they are looking at the ideal letter “A” and going to write on the top of IR sensor as a practice. Then the robot arm will copy what they are writing. Kids can see what the robot is copying and comparing themselves with the ideal letter “A.” This can motivate kids to write better and practice more.

2) When a robot arm is writing an ideal letter “A,” kids can see what the robot arm is writing and mimic what it is writing. This can motivate kids to write better and practice more.

This system also has a great potential for therapeutic and rehabilitation practices as well.

I started this project last November 2015 and paused this project for a while because I could not solve the connection problems between the sensor and the robotic arm. I tried to use Pubnub but it was not working. With this opportunity, I would like to solve this problem and want to pursue this project again.

Thank you for reading and supporting this project.


When I got an email from Hackster, I got motivated again and excited to know people care.

This means a lot.