Computer Setup

Java Setup

Install the Java Development Kit

Eclipse, IntelliJ, and NetBeans. Use your favorite, or pick one at random. I tried all three, but depends on your style and computer, it all varies.

Java Source Code

Install the Leap Motion and PubNub Java libraries.

The GitHub project repository contains the necessary java file.

Leap Setup

Need a lot of patience, and the process is different for different systems.

You are also going to read a lot of documents to trouble shoot.

  1. Download the SDK, Drivers, and Applications from Leap Motion.
  2. Install the Leap Application, which also installs any necessary drivers and processes.
  3. Run the Leap Motion Diagnostic Visualizer to make sure Leap is working.
  4. Read through the Java SDK Documentation, particularly setting up a project.

PubNub Setup

The last step is to download the PubNub Java SDK. The documentation page talks about how to add the library to your Java Project.

I have been playing with pubnub debug console, but it is not working with me.

If you know a better system, or how to solve this problem, then please let me know.

I contacted so many IoT experts to solve this issue as well.

I did not have any luck so far. but let’s keep going