Compute STA

%File name: compute_sta.m
%writer: minster 2007

function [ sta ] = compute_sta( stim, rho, num_timesteps )

%COMPUTE_STA Calculates the spike-triggered average for a neuron that
% is driven by a stimulus defined in stim. The spike-
% triggered average is computed over num_timesteps timesteps.
sta = zeros(num_timesteps, 1);

% This command finds the indices of all of the spikes that occur
% after 300 ms into the recording.
% Fill in this value. Note that you should not count spikes that occur
% before 300 ms into the recording.

while rho(num_timesteps>150:end),
spike_times = find(rho(num_timesteps+1)) + num_timesteps;
num_spikes = sum(rho(num_timesteps));
sta(num_timesteps) =avg;
num_timesteps = num_timesteps+1;

% Compute the spike-triggered average of the spikes found using the
% find command. To do this, compute the average of all of the vectors
% starting 300 ms (exclusive) before a spike and ending at the time of
% the event (inclusive). Each of these vectors defines a list of
% samples that is contained within a window of 300 ms before the each
% spike. The average of these vectors should be completed in an
% element-wise manner.
% Your code goes here.