Hi Everyone, I am trying to build a place where everyone can share their academic and professional journeys and paths. I want to solve these problems by creating this website: 1) A gap between online and offline academic worlds, 2) Students feel lost, 3) Difficult to change and to start new academic and professional careers, 4) Difficult to find unique and right people, 5) Difficult to find and to be mentor(s), 6) Difficult to develop personal brands, 7) High cost of education.

How? For example, let's assume that you are a marine biologist. You share your interesting and unique journeys "how you became a marine biologist" with others, others who want to be a marine biologist can search different paths and select to copy your journey or path, modify your path, and/or create their own paths. When users copy or modify your unique journey or path, you automatically build a mentor/mentee relationship with your follower. There are a lot of people who have amazing life journeys and paths. And I am fascinated by other people's life journeys.

I am testing out with an academic path. These are Georgia tech's Computer science courses for M.S. Degree. However, I do not know how to save the end result as an image file and share the image on Social media. Would you help me?

Click in the open space to add a node: each node represents a course. Drag from one node to another to add an edge: line represents the path. Ctrl-drag a node to move the graph layout. Click a node or an edge to select it. When a node is selected: R toggles reflexivity, Delete removes the node. When an edge is selected: L(eft), R(ight), B(oth) change direction, Delete removes the edge.